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I. Overview 
With air, water, soil and other natural environment has been aggravated pollution, but also a large number of various types of mineral resources exploitation and consumption, China's per capita energy consumption is very low level, the urgent need for new energy sources to improve our living environment and living standards. Household-type system is a new mode of solar power systems. At present, this type of photovoltaic power generation household has been widely promoted in Europe and other countries, along with our increased efforts to support and simplify the structure of the stent, designed to maximize power output, productivity improvement, etc., our household systems power plant has many economic applicability. 
Second, household composition and configuration of the system 
Solar home systems including photovoltaic panels, inverse control one machine, bracket, transmission lines and other components. 
Complex Rui company through technical innovation, support structure and electrical structure of integrated design, electrical design from the previous decentralized integral type, easy to move and on-site installation, bracket product standardization, serialization products. Standardized, modular system to achieve complete sets of household, and standardization. Core customers to purchase the company's complex system of household power plant can be completed according to the instructions of the installation, access, etc., household customers to buy the same system as the purchase of household appliances can operate independently of the reality fool-operation equipment, greatly reducing promotional efforts. Low cost, easy to install, for a wide range of energy-saving, safety, environmental protection, maintenance-free, long life characteristics. 
Third, the application range 
Applications: can be a city of high-rise, multi-storey office building or residential, multi-span, single-family villas, rural houses. Can be installed in their own hospital, houses, walls and other areas. For families, the electricity load is small, there is enough space to install solar power systems. Small solar power system can meet the electricity needs of a family, even a surplus. 
Fourth, the advantage 
A safe, reliable, no noise, no radiation, no pollution emissions, which has practical significance for the country is making great efforts in new rural construction energy saving. Conducive to promoting the gradual illumination of rural development and utilization of resources to meet the needs of China's energy development strategy; 
  2, simple structure, easy installation, self-occupied, more than power online, saving power plant investment in power transmission and reduce transmission losses. Non-centralized power, no need to embed high frame transmission lines, can be removed and engineering costs for the destruction of vegetation and the environment when long-distance cable laying; 
  3, stabilize the grid, in the summer peak time, it is the strongest solar radiation, photovoltaic power generation system most of the time. Thus relieve the supply and demand of electricity demand during the peak period, with great social benefits. 
  4, due to the photovoltaic array installed on the roof and walls substandard building envelope, absorb solar energy into electricity greatly reduce the outdoor integrated temperature, reducing heat gain and interior wall cooling load, saving energy, but also help to ensure indoor air quality. 
  5, the construction of solar photovoltaic farm in favor of protecting the environment, and promoting the coordinated development of economy and environmental protection, solar photovoltaic power generation as an environmentally friendly energy projects, to improve the atmospheric environment has an important role. 
  Therefore, the household system of high efficiency, low cost, mature, reliable, easy to install photovoltaic systems characterized by distributed application projects, roof grid-connected photovoltaic system fully into account the characteristics of the dispersion of sunlight, the solar panels installed on top of existing roof its flexibility and economy are much better than large-scale grid power plants and much national attention, households with future systems more attractive prospect. 
V. Application Case column

Jiangyin Free New Energy Complex Core Power Investment Co., Ltd. invested in the construction of Jiangyin 6.24KWp solar photovoltaic power generation project, which is located in Jiangyin Economic Development Zone Management Committee and District location, the project implemented in the District Building, third floor deck.

Jiangyin New Energy Complex Core Power Investment Co., Ltd. invested in the construction 9KW solar photovoltaic power generation projects in Suzhou, located in Suzhou Sanxiang Road District Power Supply Bureau, the project implemented in Suzhou District Power Supply Bureau of Economic Research, Building 2 roof.
Jiangyin New Energy Complex Core Power Investment Co., Ltd. invested by Shanghai 5KW solar photovoltaic power generation projects, located in Shanghai villa roof.
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