Off grid PV power


Off grid PV power

I. Overview 
PV power plant is a national program to encourage green energy, divided with battery and grid systems without batteries. Off-grid power plants are using battery energy storage, solar power can overcome the night without electricity or rainy weather generating less problems and is a safe and reliable alternative to diesel generators, clean and green energy. 
Second, the off-grid system components and configuration 
Off-grid systems including photovoltaic panels, inverse control one machine, batteries, brackets, wires and other components from the transmission grid. 
Electric Department to adopt combiner box confluence with lead-acid battery energy storage, using off-grid inverse control one machine for energy conversion and control of lead-acid battery charging and discharging. Thereby reducing the occupied area of the electrical device. 
Third, the application range 
Residents living in remote areas of electricity, lighting, TV and other life electricity is not energized; photovoltaic pumps, deep wells in areas without electricity for drinking, irrigation; field beacon lights traffic lights, traffic / railway signal lights, traffic warning / marker lamps, street lamps; and auto ancillary solar car / electric vehicles, battery charging equipment, car air conditioning, fan, refrigerator, etc; communication / communication field unmanned solar microwave relay stations, cable maintenance station, broadcasting / communications / paging power system; other portable appliances, desalination equipment and power supply. 
Fourth, the advantage 
A safe, reliable, no noise, no radiation, no pollution emissions, will help promote the progressive development and utilization of remote rural lighting resources to meet the needs of China's energy development strategy; 
  2, simple structure, easy installation, self-occupied, more than electricity saved by the battery; 
  3, the construction of solar photovoltaic farm in favor of protecting the environment, and promoting the coordinated development of economy and environmental protection, as environmentally friendly solar photovoltaic energy projects, to improve the atmospheric environment has an important role. 
V. Application Case column

Jiangyin New Energy Complex Core Power Investment Co., Ltd. invested in the construction of Jiangyin 4KWp off-grid solar photovoltaic power generation project, which is located in Jiangyin City, Shen Shen Town No. 59 New Road, installed in the warehouse roof.
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