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Source of water
Water is the source of the water and the existence form of regional. Water is the source of life, material, information, an important energy transfer medium, is irreplaceable resources of earth surface of the organism to survive. Major sources of water are Yu Haiyang, lake, glacier area. Them through the air movement and other forms of updated. Water is a valuable resource for mankind to engage in production activities of life cannot do without.
Water is the Source of Life, is the indispensable material base to the survival of people. If one day no water to drink, why people have plenty of energy? Is the sun the potted plants a day not watered, why can the plant green leaves? So water is closely related to our daily life. Both

The water in our life is so important, it is necessary for us to eliminate water pollution, waste water from the source of the phenomenon.

In daily life, some of the construction site waste water of the phenomenon is more prominent, often a few taps kept open, allowing water to flow continuously Huahua; some irresponsible people all night and turned on the tap, let water out of a nosedive, the phenomenon of waste water often see not fresh. And water pollution phenomenon is more prominent in our city. Some live in river edge, river side of the public, due to the lack of civic virtue, for the convenience of the hour, often put some garbage dumped in the river; some people regarded pesticide bottles, run out of the herbicide bottles casually discarded in the creek, don't we feel the protection of water sources, water saving has to the brook no delay it?

To prevent water pollution, waste water producing bad phenomenon, I think, to strengthen the protection of water of propaganda, to raise public awareness of the water of life, create everyone to protect water resources environment; for some waste water, polluted water, take appropriate economic sanctions, especially for some incorrigible, be like grasping family planning work on TV to be exposed, to form all love water environment, to drink from the source. Waste is more serious than corruption.
Emergency water
Emergency water supply is interrupted by conventional water supply shortage or when, can quickly enable and provide urban residents in low level of drinking water in a certain period of time to secure the city water supply and demand.
Emergency water source (emergency water supply system)
Refers to the very circumstances (such as war, mining of water area pollution, continuous drought and earthquakes since the disaster), conventional water supply shortage or is interrupted, can quickly enable and meet the urban low level of drinking water demand in a certain period of time, to secure the city water supply water system.
Classification of emergency water supply

According to the properties of water supply emergency events can be triggered, the emergency water supply is divided into sudden disasters caused by emergency water supply and non sudden incident emergency water supply two categories.

Construction of emergency water supply
Determine the emergency water source, is in the existing water supply exploitation potentiality, development and utilization of mining and Water Supply Prospect of lots of water rich, through comprehensive study from. While groundwater emergency water source is mainly use of groundwater exploitation potential (producing reserves), in the continuous drought or unexpected events occur, the temporary water supply system to solve urban production and living water as pressing danger of an unconventional has certain exploitation cycle.

The construction of emergency backup water source, to increase the temporary water supply capacity, is one of the important measures to ensure the safety of the city water supply. Emergency water source construction is the main target in the drought year or special circumstances, conventional water resources can not meet the city life, production needs, allowing the expense certain ecological, geological environment quality, the use of some groundwater storage, to meet the demand for city water supply.

Research status of

At home and abroad to emergency water source research. Because of China's special situation of water resources, such as the establishment of large city Beijing city Huairou urgent standby wellfield of emergency water supply system, in the world is also very rare. Accordingly, research on emergency water related ecological environmental geological problems are still in the initial stage; lack of research means good and groundwater resources to ensure the safe operation, strengthen the ability of water supply security. The regional ecological environmental geological safety risk and domestic emergency wellfield groundwater system changes in large-scale, high strength, centralized mining conditions and its causes have not been thoroughly studied, the groundwater resources exploitation, protection, restoration of how to control the lack of detail, the related research is only stay in the survey the pre demonstration.

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